1900 Shaker style door consists of
a solid wood frame with a recessed veneer center panel. The standard
inside profile is square with optional panel and outside profiles. Drawer
fronts are available as solid slab or
five piece frame and panel
construction to match the door.

1900 - Superwhite


Solid wood frame door with recessed veneer center panel and a unique integrated molding profile. Bridgeport doors are available with a selection of outside edge profiles. Standard stile
and rail dimension is 2-3/16" wide.


Bridgeport - Superwhite - No Rub Through


Recessed panel frame door with simple and elegant profile details. In contrast
to our 1900 doors, Flopan doors are available with a variety of inside and outside edge details. The standard
stile and rail dimension is 2-3/16" wide.


Flopan - Superwhite

Santa Maria

Recessed or raised panel door with
solid wood frame. Santa Maria doors have specific inside profile details that are unique to this door style. Doors are available with a selection of center panels and outside edge profiles. The standard stile is 2-1/2", rail is 3" wide. 

Santa Maria - superwhite

Impressions Series

This five piece hybrid door has a paint grade maple frame with an MDF center panel. The doors are sanded, cracks and openings are filled, then, primer and enamel paint are applied. A layer of clear conversion varnish is used as the final coat. The wood frame is subject to seasonal movement and hairline cracks will occur where stiles and rails are joined. It must be made clear that paint crack lines or fractures are to be expected. The standard paint color is Frosty White. Custom colors are available upon request.

1900 Cascade                Newport                Regency

1900 Impressions - Frosty White

Cascade - Frosty White

Cascade - Frosty White

Newport - Frosty White

Regency - Frosty White